Bohol earthquake oct/2013

The victims of earthquake in Bohol, Philippines are crying for help. The death count went up to 161, injured 375 and 28 missing. The survivors are still staying in tents on the roads and school fields. They dont have water and food. Here are pictures I screen captured from the news on tv.


The man above is crying while he is telling the news team how he saved his 2 children seconds before their house walls fell. He is also worried because his children has nothing to eat anymore.


The woman above is crying because her children is starving already. They don’t have any food to eat any more.


These people are showing their empty cooking pans. They have nothing to cook for their families.


Some showed their plates. They let their kids eat sugar than nothing.

I think the government is doing its everything to help these people, but their isolated location hinders them to extend their help. If you can remember, it is only a week ago when Olongapo City experienced the huge flood, two weeks ago when the war in Zamboanga stopped. Days after the war stopped they experienced huge flood. In one month only, the government released millions for calamity fund for the victims of war, floods and now earthquake. I hope that humanity would stand out , and each filipino people, not only in the Philippines, but all over the world would have a heart to help each other. Remember united, we stand. Divided, we fall. Hand in hand, we will defeat these calamities victoriously.

God is always with us..


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